Many people have been asking me recently how to jailbreak a PS4 and I’ve been telling them repeatedly that it’s a really easy process to undertake and not something that is ridiculous time consuming as they are regularly led to believe – in actual fact if you put your mind to it you can get it all finished in under a few hours. Why would you want a PS4 jailbreak you might be asking yourself, well really there is a plethora of reasons for why you should, firstly – you can get any of the latest Playstation 4 games for free, secondly you will be able to download them easily from your computer, burn the game to a DVD of your choice and then simply put the DVD into your PS4 and play the game. It really is as easy as that and there is a large number of online resources out there that provide ample instructions for how to do so as well. It is really not rocket science and it is certainly something that anybody who would like to starting playing more PS4 games should be looking into. The best website that I found to explain how to Jailbreak PS4 was jail-breaks.

How to jailbreak PS4

This website effortlessly explained all of the individual steps required and I had my PS4 Jailbreak completed in under one hour from start to finish. I couldn’t highly recommend it any more than I already have, I’ve been telling all of my friends with Playstation 4’s that they should do it too. I think because the Eagles Hotel has a range of PS4’s available in all of the rooms it’s more important for me to do it than most people, can you imagine purchasing all of the games for full price, it would cost so much money and in all fairness doing so has enabled me to buy lots of consoles rather than lots of games for a few of the consoles. If you are a hardcore gamer then you should certainly do this yourself and you will definitely be back thanking me in the near future. I haven’t looked back and have actually got over 50 different games to play on each of the consoles at the minute, I think in the future I’ll be getting even more – completely free of course and absolutely what I needed.

I’d head over to if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative than spending thousands of pounds on PS4 games that you might not even enjoy – especially with all the new Virtual Reality headsets coming out like the Playstation VR and all of the new games that it is certainly due to bring along. If anybody needs any help whatsoever in setting their new Jailbreak PS4 up then please give me a shout and I will be more than happy to help, although I’m certainly not the most technologically savvy person around, I have done the process a few times now and I am more than comfortable with doing a few more to help people out.